Sunday, October 4, 2015

It's a Dog's Life

Check out this distinguished-looking canine of the world...

Everyone's remarking that I am looking a little gray in the muzzle these days... I say so what? I can still hang with the puppies. I'm so young and hip that I even take selfies:

(And yes, I really did take that picture, though My Pet Human might have held the camera just a little bit steady for me.)

My Child says to tell you to click "Read More" to continue...

I can still tear it up with the dog toys... It takes a sharp mind and some serious dedication to get the yummy goodness of spray peanut butter out of that vexingly devious Kong device. And check out those teeth!

Oh yeah, that's right, I'm fierce! That's why my Rapper name is Lil' Mange! (Well, that and because Lil' Bow Wow was already taken!)

Of course it's true that I do enjoy the comforts of home, but don't believe for a minute that I've gone completely posh. Let's not forget I was a stray on the mean streets not all that long ago! My fearless adventurer "Indiana Dog" days are far from over:

There I am way out in the woods and off the leash! That's right, off the leash!


You have to admit...

If you could, you would spend most of your days like THIS too: 

Yeah.... It's a dog's life!

Till next time... Remember to always take time to stop and dig up the flowers!

-- Turkey

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